Statements & Values

Statements & Values


To serve our aging community with a continuum of high quality caregiving options, provided in a Christian environment, and to serve those with limited funds to the best of our ability.


Serving the Triune God by providing for the needs of His people.


Principle One: Serve Well - Serve God

We will strive to serve our fellow man with compassion, excellence, and high ethical standards. We do this as a service of the church with the desire to glorify God.

Principle Two: Value Employees

We will strive to hire and train an excellent group of employees. We will value our employees, their needs and their family responsibilities, and we will respect them, value their opinions and treat them as valuable assets.

Principle Three: Always Improve Quality

We will strive to constantly improve our organization at every level in every way - we will not be satisfied with the current condition and we will focus on ways to serve better in the future.

Principle Four: Resident-Driven Care

We will strive to serve our residents as unique individuals with unique needs. We will always value the opinions of our residents to direct their care and living accommodations. We will offer full information and disclosure to our residents and prospective clients on all of our services.

Principle Five: Full and Fair Communications

We will communicate openly with all of the stakeholders in the Concordia family: First, with our residents, patients, and customers; second, with our employees and volunteers; third, with our supporting churches and individual donors; and finally, with the general public. We will be fair, open, and honest with all of our employees.

Principle Six: Financial Stewardship

We will be wise stewards with all of our resources. We will strive to be excellent financial managers. We will manage with a "scarce dollar" mindset and we will not waste our resources. We will always look to the future, recognizing that investing in Concordia and our future is our top priority, and that we have an obligation to plan to further our mission in order to serve in future generations.

Principle Seven: The Concordia Way

We will strive to manage all of Concordia's affairs according to Biblical standards. Concordia means harmony, and to the best of our ability, we will strive to live and work with harmonious relationships. We will work hard and expect our staff to perform to the best of their ability. We will strive to lead the field.