2016 Concordia Fashion Show Attendees Enjoy Every Minute | Photos

May 17, 2016

The reviews are in and once again those who attended Concordia Fashion Show 2016 are saying they enjoyed every minute. (Read more for photos)

From the well-organized basket auction (62 baskets), the sold-out mystery bags (207) and the variety of vendors (11), to the fashion show featuring one of Concordia’s staff members and a delicious lunch on lovely table setting, the fundraiser can be counted a success. Despite inclement weather, Tulip Time bloomed beautifully through the morning and afternoon.

Thanks to the committee for the countless hours spent on plans and preparation as well as those residents, staff, church members, and community and family members who supported the Good Samaritan Endowment Fund for charity care through this event. Check out the pictures below and leave a comment if you like! Also, feel free to go to our Facebook page to like, comment and share the photos as well! (Click photos to enlarge)

  • BAW_1604
  • BAW_1614
  • BAW_1622
  • BAW_1623
  • BAW_1625
  • BAW_1626
  • BAW_1627
  • BAW_1628
  • BAW_1630
  • BAW_1632
  • BAW_1635
  • BAW_1636
  • BAW_1639
  • BAW_1644
  • BAW_1646
  • BAW_1647
  • BAW_1648
  • DSC05301
  • DSC05302

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