2018 Fishing Derby for Kids a Huge Success | PHOTOS

May 8, 2018

It was another outstanding day for the Concordia Fishing Derby for Kids, as around 650 people descended upon Lake Saxony with their kids to reel in some bass, blue gill and catfish! (Read more for photos)

The weather stayed comfortably in the mid-60s/low-70s, the lake was in great shape and the fish were biting! The largest fish caught was 16½ inches, while the smallest was 3 inches. This year, we decided to open up another section of the lake that had previously been roped off, which allowed everyone to spread out a little more.

We went through over 1,000 red worms, 800 nightcrawlers and 250 waxworms (thanks to our friends at Gearhart's Country Market for giving us a great deal)! Special thanks to our prize sponsors for the event:

  • Doc Tile Flooring
  • WoodmenLife
  • Target
  • Schwebel’s
  • Reinhart Food Service
  • Monteverde’s
  • Marburger Dairy Farm
  • Culligan Water

And a HUGE THANK YOU to all the volunteers, including the many Concordia employees/families, WoodmenLife, Trail Life Troop #PA1418, Saxonburg Fire Police and all the others who made the day a huge success! If you missed it, below are some pictures (click photos to enlarge). Feel free to leave a comment below or over on our Facebook Page. And if you have any pictures from the event, post them to the Concordia Facebook Wall!

Be sure to check the Events & News page for coming events at Concordia. The next mini fishing derby will be at the Summer Festival on the Cabot Campus, July 29. More info on that to come!

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