2021 Concordia at Cabot Live Nativity Celebrates the True Meaning of Christmas

December 14, 2021

Our Concordia at Cabot campus welcomed community members, friends and families on Sunday to enjoy the eighth annual Concordia Live Nativity! A mild winter day set the perfect backdrop for our attendees to experience the birth of our Savior.

Live Nativity Social CollageHomemade luminaries shined bright and guided our guests to baby Jesus’s humble beginning. The beautiful and eye-catching display of lights were made possible with the help of the St. Luke Lutheran Church Youth Group, Rev. Brian Bocian and Jason, Tammy and Aleah Young – many thanks for their gracious donation of time, assistance and development of this special project.  

Three outdoor performances portrayed the birth of Jesus and between each show our guests were treated to Christmas cookies, hot chocolate and some great musical entertainment. Special thanks to St. Luke Lutheran School 3rd and 4th graders and the Tri-Parish Holiday Choir for playing, singing and leading our guests in Christmas carols.

The event included Concordia residents and staff members contributing in many ways: narrating, decorating and set-up, greeting guests, singing, acting and more! Special thanks to the Saxonburg Fire Police for traffic control, and our AMAZING residents, staff and community members who made this another wonderful event. Also, a big thank you to our cast:

Mary: Robin Peters

Joseph: Pastor Adam Salinas

Wise Men: Dave Gilkey, Eric Peat, Chris Nagg

Shepherds/Shepherdesses: Cindy Perri, Fallon Franz, Benjamin Franz, Linda Koharchik, Gloria Thome, Jeremiah Beilstein, Rich James

Angels: Barbara Tillman, Julie Ryan, Lauren Demek, Dana DePaulo, Stefanie Dietrich, Kim Ley, Cassidy Ley

Villagers: Erica Hancock, Connor Hagey, Miranda Hack

Narrator: Carol Shick

Singers: Hope Rouda, Wendy Moore

St. Nicholas: Bud Sears

Elves: Amy Bailie, Tracey Pillart

As the world celebrates Christmas, we openly proclaim the true meaning of this miraculous event. We offer thanks to God for sending his only Son, Jesus Christ. We wish you and your family a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Enjoy the photos below (click the thumbnail to enlarge) and feel free to leave a comment about your favorite Live Nativity memory! If you happened to miss the event or would like to enjoy the retelling of Jesus’s birth again, check out our Facebook page to watch a video of the first performance. To keep up with what’s happening at Concordia, visit our Events and News Page.

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