5 Stats on Seniors in PA

April 12, 2011

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. What's seldom mentioned, however, is that numbers and statistics can tell significant stories as well.

Below are a few facts and figures from the Bureau of Health Statistics and Research, Pennsylvania Department of Health, that say a lot about the importance of our aging population. Special thanks to our friends at PANPHA, an association of nonprofit senior services, for compiling information like this.

1. Among comparable states (population-wise), Pennsylvania trails only Florida for the largest percentage of residents over 65.

2. In 2000, Pennsylvania had 1,919,165 residents over 65. By 2030 that number is expected to increase to 2,890,068 a 51 percent increase. For the same time period, the number of residents 85 and over is projected to increase 75 percent.

3. By 2020, approximately one in four Pennsylvanians will be age 60 or older.

4. Pennsylvania has roughly 717 licensed nursing facilities 40 government, 324 nonprofit and 353 for-profit with just around 89,000 licensed beds altogether.

5. Pennsylvania's 324 nonprofit nursing facilities represent 45 percent of all facilities in the state. Nationwide, nonprofit facilities only account for 26 percent of all facilities.

Here are a few things about Concordia Lutheran Ministries you may not have known:

1. The organization is one of only nine CARF-CCAC accredited Aging Services Networks in the world and recipient of the inaugural Pennsylvania Department of Aging Excellence in Quality Care Award.

2. As one of the 50 largest, most financially secure senior care providers in the country, the organization serves over 20,000 people in the western PA region annually.

3. Concordia offers a lifetime continuum of care that includes adult day services, assisted living, home care, hospice, medical and rehabilitation services, memory support, respite care, retirement living, skilled nursing, and medical equipment capabilities.

If you have any questions or would like more information on Concordia's wide array of services, call 724.352.1571, e-mail here or visit For more on PANPHA, visit

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