7 Gift Ideas for Seniors

December 14, 2010

With the holiday season in full swing, coming up with gift ideas for seniors can be challenging, but there are many possibilities once you start thinking "outside the box" (no pun intended). Here's an updated senior gift-giving guide from Concordia Lutheran Ministries, with a few ideas for mom, dad, grandma or grandpa.

1. Gifts that keep on giving: For those who don't get the opportunity to leave their house often, consider gifts like a subscription to a favorite magazine or premium channel on television. Another gift that keeps on giving is a voucher for private duty homecare services. Concordia Visiting Nurses (CVN) has gift certificates that can be redeemed for services like housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, grooming and personal hygiene, transportation to doctor's appointments, church and social events, assistance with errands, grocery shopping, laundry and light housekeeping. Call CVN at 1.877.352.6200 or e-mail here for information.

2. Get to the bookstore: One place to start is in the self-improvement or games section of your local bookstore. Not only could you find a large print book on embracing aging, you could also find a mentally stimulating Sudoku book (a challenging number game) or a set of association cards designed to stimulate word association and naming skills.

3. Arthritis or mobility aides: A gift that enables easier living for seniors is something to keep in mind. A few ideas include a bed caddie, arthritis hand mitt or portable seat assist (device that gently lifts user from his/her seat). Easy car mobility gifts are a possibility also, such as Handy Bars (assistive device for getting in and out of the car). Concordia Medical Equipment offers a number of arthritis, safety and mobility aides. Call 724.352.1100 or e-mail here for information.

4. Personalized family gifts: Anything involving family is sure to be a hit. Make a calendar using family photos, have old family photographs restored or put together an updated family photo album. While these may not be the most practical gifts, they are sure to be cherished.

5. Medication reminder system: They're not glamorous, but a medication reminder system could save an aging loved one's life. Due to the regularity and cost of medication errors, CVN offers the Philips Medication Dispensing Service that drastically reduces the risk of medication errors. The dispenser provides an audio reminder when it's time to take a pill. At the push of a button, it then dispenses the medications at the time they have been programmed for. Call CVN at 1.877.352.6200 or e-mail here for information.

6. Updated telephone or alert system: Consider a phone capable of programming numbers on it in case of an emergency just don't forget to program it! Even better, consider a LifeLine personal emergency response alarm, which is a device worn around the wrist or neck that can summon help with the press of a button. Call CVN at 1.877.352.6200 or e-mail here for information on this potentially life-saving gift.

7. The gift of time spent: The one gift that should never be overlooked is the gift of spending time with your senior loved ones. It is not uncommon for seniors to get lonely, especially around the holidays. For many, quality time with those they love is worth more than anything we can think about buying or making.

Concordia Lutheran Ministries is a CARF-CCAC accredited Aging Services Network, one of the largest, most financially secure senior care providers in the country. Concordia offers a lifetime continuum of care that includes adult day services, assisted living, home care, hospice, medical and rehabilitation services, memory support, respite care, retirement living, skilled nursing, and medical equipment capabilities.

Visit our website or call us at 1.888.352.1571 for more information.

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