Each of our PA facilities has different visitation policies, based on recommendations from various governmental agencies. Please visit the website of each location to view its Reopening Plan, as mandated by the governor’s office. At ALL Concordia locations, the following policies are in effect:

  • Visitors of patients/residents in end-of-life situations are permitted. Please call the facility before coming to the building.
  • Anyone entering a building for any reason, will be screened for temperature, signs and symptoms of COVID-19, recent travel destinations and contact with someone with a confirmed or potential case of COVID-19.
  • All locations are offering alternate methods of visitation. Loved ones are encouraged to contact the Activities Department at the facility to schedule.

For information regarding Concordia’s coronavirus precautions and cases, please click here.


A Beautiful Day for the 2017 GSH Memorial Walk

October 3, 2017

September came to a close with a beautiful, autumn day at Saxony Farm Estate, in Saxonburg, with the Second Annual Good Samaritan Hospice Walk. Those in attendance walked a little more than a mile around the quiet farm in memory of their lost loved ones.

The walk also featured a dove release, games and activities for kids, employee recognition and door prizes for everyone. Special thanks goes out to our volunteers and staff members, whose hearts and hands make this event much more special and welcoming.

All proceeds benefited Good Samaritan Hospice’s mission of hospice care to those we love facing a life-limiting illness. Proceeds made from the event make a difference to the hospice patients and families we are fortunate to serve. Lastly, we wish to thank our generous sponsors for their support and help in keeping the event complimentary for all to attend.

Enjoy the pictures (click the thumbnails to enlarge) and feel free to leave a comment below! You can also like, comment and share the photos on our Facebook Page. To keep up with what’s happening at Concordia, visit the Events & News page on our website.

  • DSC07732
  • DSC07735
  • DSC07740
  • DSC07744
  • DSC07747
  • DSC07748
  • DSC07750
  • DSC07753
  • DSC07755
  • DSC07759
  • DSC07763
  • DSC07764
  • DSC07766
  • DSC07768
  • DSC07769
  • DSC07770
  • DSC07783
  • DSC07790
  • DSC07792
  • DSC07793
  • DSC07803
  • DSC07807
  • DSC07808
  • DSC07813
  • DSC07814
  • DSC07820
  • DSC07823
  • DSC07825
  • DSC07826
  • DSC07827
  • DSC07829
  • DSC07830
  • DSC07831
  • DSC07832
  • DSC07833
  • DSC07834
  • DSC07835
  • DSC07836
  • DSC07838
  • DSC07847
  • DSC07849
  • DSC07850
  • DSC07855
  • DSC07859
  • DSC07871
  • DSC07905

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