A First-Person Account of Concordia's Mission Work in South Africa

November 27, 2012

For those who don't know, Concordia Lutheran Ministries supports a number of mission projects around the world. In October, a group of Concordia friends went to South Africa for a mission trip. Below is the experience of one of the participants, and a few pictures as well. Enjoy - and please comment if you like!

South Africa what comes to mind when you hear that? Thanks to Hollywood and the movie "Invictus," probably rugby, Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon. I've had the pleasure to travel to South Africa twice on mission trips, and my thoughts are quite different!

Don't get me wrong, thinking about Matt Damon isn't a bad thing! But we'll just keep him in Hollywood.

The most recent trip, in October this year, was far from any movie theater or rugby field. Our group of 12 took a 16-hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg and then a four-hour car ride from there to get to the community where we worked, Dirkiesdorp.

The mission of the trip was to paint and fix up a kindergarten, or cr

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