A Thank You to Some of Our Many Superheroes

April 28, 2020

In the United States, April is National Volunteer Month which is a time to celebrate the remarkable ways volunteers lend a helping hand to organizations and people in need every day. While this would usually have been a time to recognize our amazing group of Concordia volunteers for their service and commitment to our residents, patients and family members, due to COVID-19, all of our scheduled volunteer appreciation celebrations have been temporarily put on hold. (Read More for photo slideshow)

However, we still want to take this time to say thank you. Thank you to our committed team of facility and home/community based volunteers who can’t be at our communities and offices right now – we can’t wait until we can see you again. Thank you to the many individuals, families, member churches and organizations who have generously donated PPE, supplies, food, gifts, signs of encouragement and so much more to our communities over the past few weeks.

Thank you to our amazing group of team members who have stepped up in so many ways to serve our residents and patients. Whether staying late to coordinate calls between residents and their family members, finding creative ways to engage our residents with exciting activities, taking extra time to grocery shop for our residents, being a source of encouragement and support to our residents and so much more, we appreciate your acts of kindness and dedication. We can’t say thank you to our superheroes enough for your support.

Below is a list of individuals and organizations who have graciously donated to one or more of our facility locations over the past several weeks.

  • Antoszyk’s Garden Center and Florist Shop
  • Armstrong Farms
  • Amy Isanogle
  • Annie Futrell & Family
  • Bette Fisher
  • Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Butler County Community College
  • Burke & Haas Always in Bloom
  • Charlene Taylor
  • Christ Lutheran Church – Forest Hills
  • Christine Clouser
  • CitiTrends
  • Claire Floyd
  • Concordia at Cabot Independent Living Residents
  • Concordia Lutheran Church - Brentwood
  • Concordia at Ridgewood Place Family Members
  • Concordia Village of Tampa Independent Living Residents
  • Corl Floral Shoppe
  • Dawn Zacharias
  • Deborah Demharter
  • DiBellas’s Subs
  • Donna and Fred Heintz
  • Douglas and Maryann Bornemann
  • Family members and friends of Alvin Rettig
  • Ford’s Flowers – Kittanning
  • Girl Scout Troop 26787
  • Girl Scout Troop 28807
  • Gloria Horn Sewing Studio
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of the South Hills
  • Hershey’s
  • Howard Hanna Real Estate Services of Mt. Lebanon
  • Jan Sommer
  • Jennifer Bender
  • Jennifer Seybert
  • Jessica Woessner and Friends
  • Kara and Adele Hohn
  • Kathy Lingengelter
  • Keffalas Designs LLC
  • Kiya Tomlin
  • Kim Beham
  • Martha Cullens
  • Martelli Enterprises
  • Mary Strezeski
  • Medure’s Catering
  • Personal Care Medical Associates
  • Redeemer Lutheran School
  • Ryan Priore
  • Sandy Steiner
  • Sarah Cullens
  • Seneca Valley School District
  • Sheila Hillwig
  • Sign Gypsies Butler
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church – Millvale
  • Sue Daniels
  • Sunshine Greenhouse
  • Tabitha Reed
  • Tom Harbaugh
  • Tony Babusci, Principal – Ryan Gloyer Middle School
  • Upper Crust Shop
  • Waynesburg University
  • Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church – Bridgeville
  • Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church – Lawrenceville
  • 3DPPGH

We have adequate supplies for our facilities at this time, but if you would like to make a donation to help us prepare for our long-term supply needs, please contact the Purchasing Director for our facilities at: 724-352-1571, ext. 8374 for a complete list of what we’re currently accepting.

And remember: we’re offering daily devotions from our chaplaincy staff on the Mission and Ministry page of our website. We are also posting puzzles and updates on our Facebook Page regularly! For the latest information about visitation policies, read our COVID-19 information page here. Enjoy the photos below (click thumbnails to enlarge)!

  • 20200410_130826
  • 3DPPGH Donated  FaceShields Made with 3D printers1
  • 3DPPGH Donated Faceshields Made with 3D printers to CLM 2
  • 3DPPGH Donates ANOTHER 400 face shields to CLM
  • Amy Isanogle crocheted 100s of butterflies and flowers with handwritten notes for Cabot residents
  • Antoszyk’s Garden Center & Florist Shop 1 Cabot
  • Armstrong Farms and Sunshine Greenhouse delivered Tulips to Cabot Campus
  • Babb, Inc donated a monetary gift to CLM
  • Charlene Taylor donated cookies to Cabot PC staff_
  • Clorox Donation
  • Concordia Village of Tampa Resdients made and donated masks
  • Corl Floral Shoppe 1 Monroeville
  • DiBella's Subs donated to Rebecca Residence Staff
  • Girl Scout Troup 26787 sent Easter wishes to residents
  • Goggles Donated by Tony Babusci, Principal, Ryan Gloyer Middle School to Villa
  • Hershey's Chocolate Ice Cream Donation to Villa
  • Jennifer Seybert made and donated masks
  • Jessica Woessner and Friends Donation of Cookies to Cabot residents
  • Jessica Woessner and Friends Donation of Prepackaged Food to Cabot residents
  • Mask Donations
  • Masks Made by Various Home Care Friends Names on Seperate Word doc
  • Medure Catering donated lunch to Villa staff
  • SignGypsies Butler donated support sign to Orchard
  • Sophia Depascale, Girl Scout Troop 28807 donated cookies to residents 1
  • Thank you Sign
  • Upper Crust Shop donated lunch to McKinney Hall Cabot_

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