Addressing the Retirement Community Concerns

March 4, 2014

Did you know that between Cabot, South Hills and Sumner in Copley, OH, there are over 550 retirement apartments and villas in the Concordia system? Thousands have chosen Concordia for their retirement living needs, but for many people, there is still some hesitation. And that's understandable. We're here to help - not sell - and we never want someone to make a decision if they're not ready. :)

With that said, there are three things we hear on a pretty regular basis when individuals are considering a move to a retirement community like Concordia. We'll call them the "Retirement Living Worries." And while we can't speak for retirement communities everywhere, the below information holds true at our retirement locations.

Concern #1: I can't afford to live at Concordia.

We believe the Concordia retirement communities are the greatest independent living value in the region. Many people are surprised to learn how affordable a Concordia retirement living apartment or villa can be, once you factor in all of your current expenses. Moving to one of our worry-free apartments or villas means a senior on a fixed income can more easily budget living expenses for years to come - unlike a house that comes with unexpected repairs, utility and maintenance bills. And unlike some retirement community models, at Concordia you only pay for additional health care services when/if they are needed.

Concern #2: What if I run out of money after moving to Concordia?

Residents who outlive their resources have typically experienced significant health issues and transitioned to a higher level of care, such as Personal Care or Long-Term Nursing Care. At this time, assuming everything is in order, we explore alternative funding solutions, including applying for charitable care through Concordia. Our charitable care funds have provided the means to support hundreds of residents who did/do not have sufficient resources to pay for the full cost of their care.

Concern #3: I'm not ready to move into a nursing home.

Not every level of senior care is "nursing home" care. The villas at Sumner are essentially single-level homes with emergency response systems, should a need arise. Moving to a retirement living apartment like the ones Concordia offers is more similar to moving to a condo with on-site amenities than it is a "nursing home." Some of the differences between our communities and a ‘regular' condo complex are that we have: 1) neighbors closer to your age; 2) meals available in a community dining room; 3) opportunities for social events on-site and off; 4) routine maintenance included; 5) safe environments; 6) transportation for local shopping and some medical appointments; and 7) onsite access to medical care.

The majority of Concordia Retirement Living residents still shop, cook meals on their own and even lead activities through the week. Many still opt to do their own laundry or cleaning, although housekeeping services are available if needed. It's all about the individual - each person chooses to be as active or relaxed as they wish. These are seniors who have chosen to be free of the burdens of home ownership with the safety, security and services of a Concordia retirement community.


For more information on Concordia's worry-free retirement communities in Cabot, Pittsburgh or Copley, Ohio, visit the Retirement Living section of our website. You can also e-mail us here or call 724-352-1571 for general questions.

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