Adjusting to Senior Living Communities

September 1, 2014

For many seniors, moving into a personal care home or other types of senior living communities is the best solution for enjoying their retirement years safely. Personal care facilities provide seniors easy access to healthcare, and they allow them to maintain a measure of independence that they may not have in a nursing home. Unfortunately, the transition into senior living can sometimes be difficult. Seniors do have more independence and freedom in a personal care home, but they are still there because they have difficulty taking care of themselves. That is a hard truth for anybody to swallow, and some people accept it more readily than others. On top of that, many seniors who relocate to personal care or assisted living are leaving their homes and entering a completely new living situation.

Moving into a personal care or assisted living facility may be a necessity for many people, but it's still a difficult move. If you are helping a loved one move into an assisted living situation, you should do all that you can to ensure that the transition is a smooth one. Here are some tips that should help you with that.

1. Make it Easy to Maintain Hobbies and a Routine

One of the reasons why moving into senior living communities is sometimes difficult for some people is that it disrupts their routine and makes continuing with their old hobbies difficult. Although changes to any routine may have to be made, these changes don't have to be huge disruptions. If your loved one has a specific routine that he or she follows every day, do your best to help them continue it. Speak to the staff of the facility to make sure that this routine is followed as closely as possible while care is being provided.

2. Encourage Socialization

Moving into a new community will almost always provide new opportunities for socialization, and this is no different for someone moving into a senior living facility. There will most likely be special events and other opportunities to socialize with other residents within a personal care home, so take full advantage of them. It will ease the assimilation into the new community and make the transition more pleasant.

3. Keep Ties to Familiar Surroundings

A transition into a new home will always be easier if there are ties to familiar surroundings. This can include old furniture, old photographs of family and friends or decorations from the new resident's previous home. It may not seem like a perfect solution, but these old touches of home will be comforting while your loved one adjusts to his or her new surroundings.

Concordia provides an extensive amount of senior care options at any one of their senior living communities. Whether you are just looking for full nursing home health care or you are seeking out homes for independent living, Concordia has the proper level of senior care services for you or your loved ones at one of their senior living communities

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