Advice for a long, healthy marriage from Concordia residents

February 11, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from Concordia! To figure out the collective years of marriage of all the residents at Concordia would take an entire research team and several mathematicians… so we'll just assume the number would be in the thousands of years. So we decided to ask a few of those resident couples, "What's the secret to a long and healthy marriage?"

The responses run the gamut from heartfelt to hilarious and everything in between. Take a look, and if you'd like to include your own advice, leave a comment below! :)

Al and Annette M., Concordia of the South Hills Retirement Living, married 57 years: "Our advice for a long happy marriage is good communication, being each other's ‘best friend' and not going to bed mad at each other... though we have stayed up late a couple of nights!"

Jack and Gertrude S., Concordia at Rebecca Residence Personal Care, married 64 years: "Always stay in love. Always go to bed with a smile and try to remember how you felt on the day you were married."

Tom and Polly F., Concordia at Sumner Retirement Living Villas, married 69 years: "Having similar backgrounds gave us a head start. We learned to share and forgive and value each day together."

Anna and Elmer D., Concordia at Cabot Personal Care, married 72 years (on Feb. 14): "Remember that everything is give and take. Try and work out any frictions with each other and trust in the Lord for his help."

Jack and Kitty W., Concordia at the Orchard Personal Care, married 53 years: "Communication and laughter are the best things for a healthy marriage, and being able to admit when you are wrong.

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