Benefits of Personal Care Homes for Senior Living

July 9, 2014

A loved one who is able to stay in his/her home or independent living community may benefit from those home and community based services provided to meet their needs as they age. These types of services may include meals on wheels services in your local community, transportation services, home health aide services and other home based services. However, an individual who is no longer able to function in the home without assistance due to their inability to perform any 2 of the 6 activities of daily living (i.e. bathing, continence, dressing, feeding, toileting and transferring) or limitations caused by a cognitive impairment, may look to receiving care in a facility. These facility based care service providers include personal care or assisted living communities and skilled nursing care for senior living.

What are Personal Care Homes?

Personal Care Homes provide seniors with a way to enjoy a somewhat active lifestyle with the added benefit of the availability of professional assistance when needed. Typical services that are found in personal care or assisted living communities include housekeeping and transportation services for your loved one, assistance with the activities of daily living, arrangement of health care services, security and 24/7 on-call assistance. Personal Care homes provide the opportunity for companionship for those seniors who would rather not live alone. Personal care homes often host activities in a group setting to promote socialization amongst the residents, taking place both on-site and off facility.

Personal Care Costs versus Other Types of Care

If your loved one can no longer properly care of themselves in a home or independent living setting and you lack the time, training or ability to take on that care, personal care communities may be a viable option. The costs associated with personal care are less than those for more intensive care provided in a skilled nursing home. Based on a survey of costs performed by several senior living non-profits, the average cost for a private, one-bedroom apartment in personal care homes or assisted living communities is just over $3,200 per month, or about $40,000 a year, which is more than half the cost of care provided through skilled nursing.

These costs may also be lower depending on the type of care required for your loved one. The lower the need for assistance, the lower the cost of care. This may also be of benefit for you if you are relying on private resources such as retirement accounts, proceeds from a long-term care insurance policy or Medicaid, in the case of a loved one who financially qualifies (as opposed to Medicare, which does not typically pay for long-term care services).

At Concordia's personal care homes, senior living is made easy with the help of our highly qualified staff. Our staffing levels consistently meet or exceed industry standards at all of our senior living locations, ensuring that there will always be a helping hand when needed. Concordia also offers in-home personal care, for those seeking to stay in their own homes. Visit our locations page and take a virtual tour of any one of our senior living communities today and find out more about what Concordia can offer you or your loved ones.


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