Concordia Employees Further Education With Tuition Reimbursement Program

September 3, 2013

While it may be "Back-To-School" for public school students, class is always in session for Concordia Lutheran Ministries employees who decide to further their education. Through the Tuition Reimbursement Program, employees receive financial assistance to help prepare them for professional advancement within Concordia.

Jennifer Brose made the move from Human Resources with Good Samaritan Hospice and graduated from Butler County Community College with a degree in nursing this past May. Other recent graduates include Concordia of the South Hills Administrator Kay Frndak-Suder, Concordia of the South Hills Director of Nursing Karen Beilstein and Business Office Manager Kristina Allday.

Concordia at Rebecca Residence Human Resources Manager Lori Emert recently earned a Masters of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College. Her journey took two years to complete, and was made possible, in part, thanks to the support and encouragement of her family and friends as well as her co-workers. Lori said it was a challenge to achieve balance between family, work and school.

She shared, "To practice discipline is to be a lifelong learner. You never arrive; you spend your life mastering disciplines."

This attitude allowed Lori to excel as she continued to work full-time while earning her Personal Care Home Administrator Licensure as well as her Medication Administration and Diabetes certifications. She continues to pursue her Nursing Home Administration licensure.

Her advice to others would be, "Eagerness, hard work, perseverance and dedication will bring confidence and knowledge in the next step of your educational journey. We are never too old to learn; so learn and grow!"

Tuition reimbursement is just one of the many reasons employees choose Concordia. For more information on employment at Concordia, visit the Careers section of our website:, call our HR department in Cabot at 724-352-1571 or e-mail us here.

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