Concordia Outpatient Therapy Helps Local Community Member Get Back to Life

January 21, 2014

Did you know people of all ages are able to take advantage of many of the services we offer at Concordia? Whether you need the healing hands of our Outpatient Physical Therapy or Short-Term Rehab staff, the supervised attention of Adult Day Services for mom or dad while you're at work, or anything offered through Home and Community Services, odds are, Concordia can help make your life a little easier.

Dino in class Dino (far left) in his karate class.

For 14 years, Director of Marketing for Home and Community Services Dino Capestrani has studied martial arts, working his way toward the black belt he now has in Shotokan Karate and soon, his black sash in Yang Style Tai Chi. Along the way, he's used Concordia Outpatient Therapy in Cabot for a variety of injuries, from a pulled hamstring, to knee pain, to a hand injury, to his current recovery from a significant surgery he recently underwent.

One of his experiences with Concordia Outpatient Therapy came after suddenly noticing some back pain.

"I had severe lower back pain, so I chose to go to a chiropractor. After only one session I had more pain. I received an order from my primary care physician for physical therapy and decided to rehab at Concordia. Cathy Bullion, my outpatient physical therapist, performed a thorough evaluation and discovered it was a high pulled hamstring, as opposed to sciatica back pain. After my sessions, combined with home exercises, the pain was gone."

Of all the things that impressed him, two were outstanding: the initial evaluation and the rapport he developed with his therapists.

"Some might think it would be hard when you're an employee of Concordia to just want to chat and not address the issue at hand. But when it's time to do business, if you will, outpatient therapy did exactly that… they evaluated me, set the treatment plan and pushed me to perform, which all added up to getting me back on my feet."

Not only was his experience with the therapists excellent, but the hours were convenient and the maintenance program had rates better than the average local fitness center. It's easy to see how Concordia Outpatient Therapy can be a huge benefit for people of any age who need a place to get back to life after an injury.

Patients can be referred to Concordia Outpatient Therapy through a physician. Self-referrals for an initial evaluation are also available. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 724-352-4535. You can also visit our website or message us here.

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