Concordia Residents Share Favorite Memories of Grandparenthood

September 2, 2014

At last count, throughout the entire Concordia system, we have roughly 1,900 beds/apartments/suites/villas/rooms for patients and residents to live/recover/thrive/enjoy life. We’re going to estimate that, at any given time, we have… a BOATLOAD of proud grandparents in our ranks! Yeah… that’s a pretty scientific measurement. And that number doesn’t even include all the grandparents we serve in their very own homes through Concordia Visiting Nurses!

So in celebration of National Grandparents Day, which is observed Sunday, September 7, we thought we would ask some of those proud Grams and Paps their favorite moments as grandparents.

lady with gdaughterDo you have a "grandparent memory" to include? Share it in the comments section below! Enjoy!

Marge G., Concordia at the Orchard: “When my grandson Grant was 8 years old, he lived in Holland with his family. I had to have an operation and my son flew over so he could be with me. Grant was talking on the phone with his dad and said, ‘It’s my grandmother too and I want see her,’ so he flew over by himself from Holland!  A few months later, Grant wanted me to come to Holland for his first Holy Communion and I told my husband, ‘If Grant could fly over here, you bet I’m going to be there.’  When I got off the plane, my three grandkids and their parents were at the airport with tulips and a sign saying ‘Welcome Grandma’… I will never forget it!”

Jackie M., Concordia of Cranberry: For Christmas one year, she gave her granddaughter a doll. While she loved the gift, the doll was much taller than her granddaughter... so her granddaughter “had” to cut her dolly’s legs off so they could play together!

Fran S., Concordia at Rebecca Residence: “Playing with and enjoying my grandchildren is important… as well as sending them home when they’re fussy!”

Mary Lou F., Concordia of the South Hills: “I love checking my cell phone and iPad to find a voice mail or e-mail from one of my six grandchildren or two great grandchildren.  Depending upon who is leaving the message, I hear ‘Grammy or Nana,’ I miss you and love you, see you soon!”

Barb S., Concordia at Cabot: “The best time of my life was being with my grandchildren when they were young, cooking in the kitchen with them all around me.  I even had the chance to be in the delivery room when my grandson was born!”

Flo M., Concordia at Rebecca Residence: “One of my best experiences as a grandparent was the happiness and relief I felt when my 2 week old granddaughter was discharged from the hospital after being treated for viral meningitis.”

Cecelia O., Concordia at Cabot: “Like any grandmother, I think my grandchildren are darling. They are sometimes silly but generally well behaved. My fondest memory is reading to them; they always sat still for me! The best part of being a grandparent is being able to do what you want with the children instead of worrying about being proper and making the rules.”

Margaret F., Concordia of Franklin Park: “When my grandchildren were small we would look forward to harvest time, and we would spend many happy hours in the kitchen preparing all of the food from our garden. It is a time I look back on fondly.

Jerry H., Concordia of Fox Chapel: As a teenager, Jerry worked for Kennywood, so his favorite experiences were taking the grandkids to Kennywood every year. He loved showing them all the rides he worked on when he was young. Some of the best times of his life were with them at the park and he will always remember the fun they had.

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