Concordia Residents Share Valentine's Day Memories

February 14, 2012

From our family to yours, Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks to our awesome activities staff, all of the Concordia locations are abuzz today with a number of activities and events.

In the last couple days, that same awesome activities staff asked around to see what some of our residents' favorite Valentine's Day memories are. Below are a few of the responses we received hopefully you get a smile out of them like we did.

Please feel free to add your favorite Valentine's Day memory in the comment section. Let's spread some love!

Lois, Concordia Haven Apartments: "When I was a teenager someone left a heart-shaped box of chocolates on my porch, and I never did find out who left it."

Agnes, Concordia at Cabot Skilled Nursing: "My favorite Valentine's Day was 52 years ago, when my baby boy was born!"

Dean and Melva, Concordia of the South Hills Independent Living: The couple was actually married on Valentine's Day in 1943! Today they celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary.

Martha, Concordia Haven Apartments: "I remember making Valentines out of wall paper and putting them in a big box at school. We had four grades to one room, and I remember one kid saying he wasn't going to give everyone a Valentine. I told my mother about this and she told me that I was most certainly going to give everyone a Valentine. And then she asked me how I would feel if I would be the one that didn't receive one. That stuck with me all these years."

Catherine and Vince, Concordia of Fox Chapel: They always wanted to get married on Valentine's Day, but the year they were tying the knot, Feb. 14 fell on a Friday and the pastor would not marry anyone on a Friday. The happy couple is renewing their vows at the facility tomorrow, when they celebrate 65 years of marriage!

Frank and Velma, Concordia at Cabot Personal Care: Frank and Velma would celebrate most Valentine's Days at one of their favorite restaurants, the Olive Garden. Like all other holidays, they would both toast with white wine.

Yolie, Concordia at the Orchard: "One year I put a rock in a valentine's box and handed it to my mother. Boy was she ever upset; I don't think she liked that prank!"

Sara Jane, Concordia at Cabot Personal Care: Sara made a cross-stitch Valentine's Day card for her husband, and every year she would give it to him and put that year's date on it. They had it for many years. He would also always take her out for dinner.

John, Concordia at the Orchard: "I remember in elementary school we had Valentine boxes and everyone feared getting an ugly Valentine. I don't remember what an ugly one looked like; I just remember nobody wanted to get one."

Clara, Concordia Haven Apartments: "My husband gave me flowers every Valentine's Day."

Donni, Concordia at the Orchard: "One year for Valentine's Day, my husband got me a diamond band that connected my engagement ring and wedding band."

Lois, Concordia Haven Apartments: "My fondest memory was six years ago, when my husband took me to a Chinese restaurant on Rt. 8. Everything was decorated so beautiful. While my husband and I were eating, a violinist came to our table dressed in a black suit, white shirt, black tie and played a couple love songs. I felt so special, as if I was being serenaded."

So what's your favorite Valentine's Day memory? Leave it in the comments section below!

Concordia Lutheran Ministries has been serving seniors for 130 years. Our activity departments at every level pride themselves on giving those in our care many opportunities for interactions with friends and family.

For more information on what kind of activities we offer at each of our locations and levels of care, visit our website, call us at 724.352.1571 or e-mail here.

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