Concordia Residents Take Part in Spin-Off of "The Newlywed Game"

June 4, 2013

A few months ago, a couple new residents to Concordia's retirement community in Cabot, Bette and Dennis Miller, created "The Marriage Moments," a production that mimicked the once-popular game show, "The Newlywed Game." The game was held on Thursday, May 23 at 2 p.m. in the chapel at Haven II. (Be sure to check out the pictures below!)

Six independent living couples participated in the afternoon question-and-answer game. Some of the couples had been married for only a few years, while others had been for 50 or more.

Initially, the husbands left the room so their wives could answer questions about them. Then the tables were turned as the wives left the room so the men could answer questions about them.

Some of the five-point questions included:

  • What saying, tidbit of advice, or turn of phrase is he famous for saying?
  • At what volume does their husband snore?
  • Where is his favorite vacation spot?
  • What is her least favorite chore?
  • How many first cousins are on her side?

Finally, there was a bonus round where the couples chose which spouse would stay to answer the mystery question. The 25-point bonus question was "How many states has your spouse been in throughout his/her lifetime?"

Only one couple, Rev. Ken and Charlotte Hoener, answered correctly, which in turn won them the game. The question was simple for this couple, who, in their 50+ years of marriage had visited 49 states together! Their prize was a $50 gift certificate to the Hotel Saxonburg.

The audience was laughing at side-splitting volumes almost the entire length of the game. A round of applause was given to Bette Miller for creating, running and "hosting" this game show takeoff.

Bette and her husband, Dennis, have lived in the Concordia Haven Apartments since last October. The couple moved here from Spokane, Wash., where Bette worked for the CIA for 25 years and Dennis for the Department of Transportation as a civil engineer. Bette's mother, Martha, is also a resident in Concordia's retirement apartments.

For more information on Concordia's worry-free retirement communities in Cabot, Pittsburgh or Copley, Ohio, visit the Retirement Living section of our website. You can also e-mail us here or call 724.352.1571 for general questions.

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