Concordia Sees More People Reserving Rooms for Rehabilitation

September 13, 2011

On the game show "Family Feud," contestants have to guess the most popular responses to a survey-type question posted to 100 people. For example, if the category were "Things you would make reservations for," the top three results would most likely be flights, restaurants and hotel rooms.

Concordia is trying to get a new top response in that category: rehab facility. "Survey says?" Stranger things have happened.

And with an average of 10-15 people per month reserving a room at the Lund Care Center following elective surgery or a scheduled hospital stay, it could become a reality.

Ellwood City resident Myrna Best was one of the growing number of people who has reserved a room to rehab in following a joint replacement procedure? and she's done it three times already.

Since December 2008, Myrna has "rehabbed" at Concordia for both of her knee replacements and most recently her hip - and as she put it, "would never even think about going anywhere else."

"I was downright overwhelmed by the quality at Concordia; the cleanliness, my private room, the food? everything was beyond my expectations," she said. "I couldn't have been taken care of any better."

The most impressive aspect of her stay, however, was the dedication and expertise of her therapists. She said her care team was totally committed to getting her back to the quality of life she was used to, and as soon as possible to boot.

"(Rehabbing at Concordia) was no ?20 minutes per day and your done' situation," she said. "The therapists and care team knew what it would take to get me back home and functioning, which was the goal, and that's exactly what they did."

And while her repeat visits are indication enough that she thinks highly of the therapy program, Myrna has even referred a handful of friends and family to the organization.

A retired accounts payable/receivable clerk for Butler Refrigerated Meats, Myrna has always enjoyed crocheting, knitting and cooking in her spare time. She has two daughters, Candy of Cleveland, Ohio and Luann of Cincinnati, Ohio.

To schedule a tour or reserve a room in any of Concordia's skilled nursing/short-term rehab facilities (Cabot, South Hills, or Rebecca Residence in Allison Park), call 724.352.1571, e-mail here or visit online at

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