Family Has Cared for Concordia Residents for Four Generations

October 29, 2013

For the past 85 years, members of the Goepfert/Vantine family have been caring for people in the Concordia Lutheran Ministries system that's four generations!

Currently, Loraine Vantine is the administrative assistant at Concordia at Rebecca Residence in Allison Park, and her daughter, Summer, is a nurse aide in Cabot Personal Care.

It would seem that Concordia's convenient location is the reason that each generation chose to work. Mabel and Irma Goepfert lived on Marwood Road where the Cabot campus is located and Loraine and Summer Vantine live on Brose Road, two minutes away.

The late Mabel Goepfert, born Mabel Lang on March 27, 1910, started the trend when she worked as a cook for the orphanage that used to be on the Cabot location's land. She worked there from 1928-1932, with her last year there being the year she married Henry Goepfert. Mabel and Henry had three children: Karl, Laverne and Joan. In her spare time, Mabel enjoyed cooking and baking cakes.

Irma Goepfert, born on February 21, 1933, worked as a dietary aide from January 1, 1971 until August 17, 1995. Now deceased, she is succeeded by three children: Loraine, Eleanor and the late Larry. Irma was very attached to her residents and co-workers. For fun, Irma liked to garden and bake.

Loraine Vantine started working on March 13, 2011 as a casual receptionist while earning her bachelor's degree. She and her husband, Tim, have two daughters: Sheila and Summer.

"I like that Concordia is a Christian organization and they provide quality care," Loraine said. "I have witnessed the quality of care firsthand. Concordia also treats the employees very well."

Loraine is a third generation baker another shared trait that runs in this family. She also enjoys cooking, exercising, crocheting, scrap booking, traveling and entertaining.

Summer Vantine is currently a nurse aide for Concordia and has been with the organization since June 9, 2010. She lives in the Vantine household with her parents and nine pets: two dogs, two turtles, four ducks and a beta fish.

"My favorite thing about Concordia is that it is a Christian organization that makes the residents their top priority," Summer said.

She enjoys playing many different sports in her spare time, along with traveling, music, shopping and spending time with family and friends.

If you have a heart for caring for others and think a career in health/senior care may be something you're interested in, please visit our Careers website to check for openings and get more information! You can also call human resources at our administrative headquarters at 724-352-1571 or e-mail us here. :)

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