How Senior Living Communities Can Help Combat Depression

December 31, 2014

Many of us spend our whole lives dreaming about the day we can finally retire, and spend our days doing what we want—instead of what we have to do. Even if you enjoy your profession, most people work primarily to provide for their family and to fulfill financial needs. This is why it comes as a shock to many seniors and their family members when retirement leads to depression—particularly when mobility begins to decline. Believe it or not, an excellent way to combat depression as you age is to move into senior housing or an independent senior living community. Below are a few benefits to senior living that can oftentimes turn your depression around.

 Independence with Support

A common misconception about senior living communities is that moving into senior housing sacrifices independence—however, this could not be farther from the truth. Depending on your wants and needs, you can select a house, apartment or condo that is 100 percent independent, but also allows you to be in a secure environment designed with seniors in mind. You can also select senior living communities that provide additional support, such as house cleaning, laundry services, daily meals, assistance with showering or daily medication reminders. This helps to combat depression by giving you access to the weekly and daily support you require, without feeling like a burden to friend or family. Many retirement living residents at Concordia are totally independent, but receive help from home care aides.

Daily Outings and Activities

Even if you select a senior living community where you are 100 percent independent, you will have access to daily outings and activities. Staying active can help to combat depression by providing you with something to do each and every day. Each senior housing community is different, but some common outings and activities you can expect include:

  • Groups for seniors with shared interests and hobbies—book club, crafts, religious, etc.
  • Trips to the local mall, grocery shopping, and shopping centers.
  • Trips to entertainment such as movies, sporting events or local community events.
  • In-house events for birthdays, holidays, and group celebrations.

A Group of Peers

Another challenge that comes with aging is that as our friends and family age, we may lose some of our loved ones. Losing your spouse, siblings, and friends may leave you feeling socially disconnected and depressed. By moving into a senior living community, you will be surrounded with other seniors who face the same challenges that come with aging—and who are also in need of companionship.

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For over 130 years, Concordia Lutheran Ministries has provided thousands of seniors with an exceptional level of care and comfort, helping them accomplish their retirement goals and stay active within their community.   At Concordia, we aim to provide a wide range of services to suit almost any senior care need. Our highly qualified, dependable staff work to provide the most comfortable and friendly community for our residents. If you or a loved one find themselves battling depression as they age, contact Concordia today to learn more about the benefits of our senior living facilities.


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