Mom and Her Three Daughters All Part of the Concordia Family

May 28, 2013

For most people, there's something inherently reassuring about being surrounded by family. After all, family is safe. Family is supportive. Family is fun (most of the time). But most of all, family is love.

At Concordia, our staff makes it a point to instill those feelings in our buildings and among those in our care to foster a welcoming family environment.

But for some of those staff members, that fundamental family feeling has become a factual family affair. Just ask Oertel Care Center Activities Director Shirley Saeler? and her three daughters, who all work at the Cabot campus.

  • Shirley's daughter Megan Wells started at Concordia at the Orchard in 2004, starting as a food service aide before transferring to the Cabot campus as a PTA.
  • Shirley started two years later, in 2006.
  • Shirley's daughter Melissa Brestensky, a registered nurse at the Good Samaritan Hospice Cabot Unit, started in 2007.
  • Shirley's daughter Jennifer Saeler, food service aide in Cabot, started in 2009.

Jennifer, Megan, Melissa and Shirley Jennifer, Megan, Melissa and Shirley

So for those keeping score at home: 1 mom + 3 daughters = 4 Concordia at Cabot staff members. It's a safe bet that on any given day, Shirley's family is represented on the Cabot campus.

"My sisters set a high bar, so apparently I have big shoes to fill? luckily my shoe size is bigger than theirs," Jennifer said with a laugh.

Interestingly, though, the four don't see each other at work on a regular basis Megan and Jennifer are the only two who work on the same floor. Coincidentally, the pair is often mistaken for twins.

Even if all four don't cross paths every day, they all agree that it's comforting to know that the others are nearby. And they all bring those family feelings safe, supportive, fun and loving to those they serve at Concordia on a daily basis.

The four all make time once or twice a week to get together outside of work. Jennifer is even going to school to follow in her "twin" sister's footsteps as a physical therapist assistant. And, of course, she hopes Concordia is hiring after graduation.

"In the end all you'll have in life is you're family, so keep them close while you still have them around and enjoy each moment," Shirley said.

While Shirley may be out of daughters to fill the ranks at Concordia (by the way, she has three sons too), Melissa and Megan have started the next generation of Concordia faithful: They each have one girl and Melissa has two boys.

We fully expect to see their resumes in 15 or 16 years. :)

Concordia is always looking for the next family of dedicated employees. For more information on working for Concordia and open positions, visit our Careers page. Or you can always e-mail us here.

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