National Nursing Home Week 2018 - A Letter from the President

May 18, 2018

We're saying goodbye to another National Nursing Home Week - which doubles as Employee Appreciation Week at Concordia - and it was another week filled with fun, food and gratitude! (Read more for photos)

Employee Appreciation Week at Concordia includes a themed dress down day each day of the week, a snack or meal each day - sandwiches, bagels, sundae bar, picnic and nacho bar - and a special gift for each employee. This year’s gift was a really nice insulated lunch cooler! Another great part about the week is that it gives Concordia President & CEO Keith Frndak the chance to thank our nearly 3,000 employees.

Here is the note from Mr. Frndak that was published in our employee newsletter yesterday. Take a look, and then enjoy the MANY photos we have below from the week! And if you’re feeling extra bold, visit the Careers section of our website to see about joining the Concordia family. Last, if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can like, comment and share most of these photos, since we've been posting them all week. Go check it out!


KEF 10 17Dear Friends,

As most of you know, Concordia’s Mission has again been blessed with growth. Two great organizations – Concordia Village of Tampa and Concordia at Villa St. Joseph – with their own impressive mission histories are now a part of the Concordia family. At this point, we are serving over 40,000 people per year.

Why do I bring this up in a letter about Employee Appreciation Week at Concordia? It’s pretty simple: If we didn’t have the exceptional people that we do – each and every one of you – then there would be no way that our mission could grow the way it has. When I started in 1983, we had one location and served a couple hundred people a year. How’s that for perspective on how many lives we now touch?

Think about how many moving parts we have at Concordia. Nursing, personal care, therapy, home and community services, activities, food service, maintenance, laundry, housekeeping, information technology, public relations, accounting, legal, payroll, human resources… by the grace of God, we have the BEST team in the world, a team that is committed to providing those entrusted to us the highest quality of care imaginable.

We all work together to uphold Concordia’s Mission Statement: To serve our aging community with a continuum of high quality caregiving options, provided in a Christian environment, and to serve those with limited funds to the best of our ability.

During National Nursing Home/Employee Appreciation Week and every other day throughout the year, please know that your work and commitment to those you care for is deeply appreciated by me, the Board of Directors and, most importantly, the families of our patients and residents. Thank you for all you do and may God bless our efforts.

In His Service,

Keith E. Frndak
President & CEO

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