New Chapel at Rebecca Residence Nearing Completion

February 18, 2014

Have you ever seen Concordia at Rebecca Residence? It's one of those places that pictures, as beautiful as they might be, don't even do it justice. Since joining the Concordia family in 2004, many upgrades - both big and small - have helped make this location one of the premier facilities for short-term rehab, long-term nursing care and personal care services in the north Pittsburgh region.

But there was always a little something missing. For as beautiful as the location is, it has never had a proper chapel. So late last year, plans were finalized and construction began.

The chapel will accommodate handicapped seating for up to 60 people in wheelchairs. The design and furnishings are simple to allow easier accessibility and invite diversity of spiritual activities such as Bible study, grief counseling, prayer services and individual meditation. Chapel features include both an organ and piano, comfortable chairs for residents and families, an enhanced audio system, an altar area and beautiful serene surroundings.

RR Chapel 2-14_010RR Chapel 2-14_001One of the cool features with the chapel is the altar. Most people familiar with Concordia know how important history is to us. So rather than purchase a new altar, we re-purposed one that was in our oldest building (Oertel Care Center in Cabot). That altar was used for hundreds of worship services over the decades.

Plans are underway for a combined Chapel Grand Opening and 10th Anniversary celebration in mid-April - we'll keep you posted. :)

Last fall, we introduced a capital campaign, called "Opening the Door of Faith" to try and raise $750,000 - which would cover the bulk of the cost of the chapel. Individuals, families, organizations, foundations and corporations are being asked to support the campaign.

Obviously, no one person or group can meet the challenge before us. Only as we together give generously will our goals be met. As you think about whether you'd like to contribute, consider the following:

  • Gift payments may be paid over two or three years.
  • Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
  • Gifts of appreciated securities are welcome and may provide you with additional tax savings.

Large gifts for a specified purpose are available and can be recognized with naming opportunities according to the wishes of the donor. Recognition and naming opportunities include:

  • The Chapel Tribute - $200,000
  • Altar Tribute - $75,000
  • History Wall Tribute - $25,000
  • Piano Tribute - $25,000
  • Large Stained Glass Window Tribute - $25,000
  • Stained Glass Window Tributes - $15,000 each
  • Bench Tributes - $5,000 each
  • Anonymous Tributes: Given to the Glory of God
  • Donor Recognition Plaque: A special area on the hallway wall leading to the chapel will recognize all donors who contribute $500 or more to the campaign.

Concordia's Development Office is available to discuss and assist you with your gifts by calling 724-352-1571, ext. 8363. You can also e-mail us here. Here are some of the artist's renderings of the chapel and addition to the building. Enjoy, comment below if you like!

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