New Year's Resolution Ideas for Seniors

December 31, 2013

Are you one of the many people who loves to make resolutions for the New Year? Resolving to better yourself in the coming months is a wonderful concept - the tough part is sticking to it!

PrintWe all know the "standard" resolutions: eat better, exercise more, quit smoking, etc… and while those are all great goals, we wanted to avoid the obvious and think up some different resolutions that could benefit seniors especially. Do you have a good idea that isn't listed here? Add it in the comments section! :)

1. Make a recipe book: Your kids and grandkids are always raving about your cooking and baking, but they all say "we can't get ours to taste like grandma's!" Help them out and leave a wonderful gift for the next generation by making your own recipe book of your favorite and most-complimented dishes.

2. Find a new volunteer opportunity: For many older people, loneliness can become difficult, especially if they've lost a spouse. Find a nonprofit that you really believe in and give them a call to see if they have any volunteer opportunities. Healthcare organizations, animal shelters, churches, colleges, charities - most all of them could use a hand and are willing to work with your schedule and any limitations you might have. Speaking of, Good Samaritan Hospice, a mission of Concordia, is always looking for volunteers. Call the Volunteer Coordinator at 724-933-8888 for opportunities!

3. Learn about a new (to you) technology: Maybe you finally get a computer and e-mail address, or you finally create that Facebook page your grandkids have been bugging you about. Maybe you commit to learning how to use the cell phone your kids bought you last year. Or maybe you're already more advanced and want to learn about photo editing and manipulation. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and be patient if everything doesn't click all at once!

4. Read the Bible daily: With the benefit of age, maybe you've already read the entire Bible from cover to cover, but even the oldest theologians find new and interesting details each time they go through it. Make a point to read a few chapters a day in order, making notes along the way.

5. Eat more fresh foods: I know, I know, we said we were listing "different" resolutions for seniors, but this is just such a good, easy, beneficial promise to keep. The more color you can add to your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables, the better.

6. Change up your routine: It's easy for people of any age to fall into a routine, and sometimes that can be a good thing. But sometimes it's good for seniors to break that routine to keep your brain stimulated. Take a different route to church. Try the other grocery store in town, even though you don't like the way the aisles are laid out. Try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand -- which is harder than you think, ha!

7. Reconnect with old friends: Dust off your address book and consider making it a goal to reconnect with at least one different person per month who you haven't spoken to in awhile. Perhaps something caused a riff in your relationship, or maybe life just got in the way, but 2014 can be the year you reopen some of those lost lines of communication.

8. Make your home a little safer: Try reducing the number of fall hazards by de-cluttering, improving lighting and eliminating things like slippery throw rugs. Maybe it's time to try a no-skid mat and handrail in the shower. Consider getting an inconspicuous personal emergency response alarm system or a medication-dispensing system to make sure you don't accidentally miss something. Concordia Home & Community Services and Concordia Medical Equipment can help you out with these ones.

So do any of these resolutions sound like something you can latch onto in 2014? At Concordia, we resolve to serve our aging community with the highest quality of services through a continuum of caregiving options provided in a Christian environment, and to serve those with limited funds to the best of our ability. If that sounds familiar, it's because that has been our mission statement for MANY years.

From the Concordia family to yours, have a safe and happy 2014! Thanks so much for following our blog - don't forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!


With over 130 years of service, Concordia Lutheran Ministries has a long history of helping seniors and their families. And as one of the most comprehensive providers in the country, we're able to find the right fit from a care and cost perspective.

Concordia is one of only a few CARF-CCAC accredited Aging Services Networks in the world and recipient of the inaugural Pennsylvania Department of Aging Excellence in Quality Care Award. Serving over 20,000 people in western PA and eastern OH annually, Concordia offers a lifetime continuum of care that includes adult day services, home care, hospice, medical and rehabilitation services, memory support, personal care, respite care, retirement living, skilled nursing, and medical equipment capabilities.

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