Providence Pharmacy Celebrates 10 Years of Service

February 26, 2013

On January 13, 2003, Providence Pharmacy received its license to dispense medications to Concordia residents. Back then, Concordia partnered with Lutheran Affiliated Services (currently Lutheran Senior Life) to form Providence Pharmacy and located it on the Cabot campus.

As managing partner, Concordia, through the work of Director Rich Zabinski and his staff, is able to ensure that our residents and patients receive high quality, affordable pharmaceuticals in a timely manner. Proceeds have been used to support both local and international mission work. Here's a post from a few months ago with more information on what Providence does and what proceeds have done for people around the world.

Congratulations on a decade of service! Below are a few pictures from a little reception that was held recently in honor of the milestone. Feel free to wish Providence Pharmacy a happy birthday in the comments section! :)

Keith and Rich Toast sm Rich and Don sm Providence Pharmacy staff

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