Seven Traits of a Good Senior Care CNA

March 13, 2012

One of the jobs with the most direct contact with patients and residents at Concordia are Nurse Aides and Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs). The job description of a CNA includes transporting patients, reporting changes in behavior, assisting with meals, cleaning and much more, but it can be summed up in one word: caring.

Below are seven of the top traits of the CNAs who work at Concordia, but the ideas are universal. Have any more? Leave them in the comments section!

Respectful Most of your patients are at an advanced age and have a lifetime of experience, and they deserve our respect and appreciation. Treating people with dignity and respect goes a long way.

Patient Everyone is at different levels, in terms of how well they get around, communicate, process information, etc. Patience is a virtue, especially in health care.

Dependable Unlike some industries, the need for health services doesn't take holidays or weekends off. How dependable you are directly affects the health and well-being of someone's parent or grandparent in this job.

Friendly We've all dealt with an unfriendly person or two in our lives who would want an unfriendly person helping them each day? A smile and a few kind words are easy ways to help make your patients' day a little brighter.

Empathetic This is the ability to put yourself in other peoples' shoes, and it's essential to care giving. Maybe you haven't been in the same exact situation as your patients, but it's important to understand where they're coming from in order to improve their situation.

Efficient As a CNA, you'll have a good number of patients with many unique needs. It's important to stay organized to be the most effective care giver possible.

Motivated Caring for others is more than a job, it's a passion. The reality is people are relying on you to make their or their loved ones' lives better, and that's a responsibility that requires motivation.

Charlene Kish is the Vice President of Skilled Nursing and Rehab at Concordia. Her many years in senior care have taught her that caring is the heart of care giving.

"The most important trait is having a caring and compassionate heart," she said. "In addition, I look for someone who is passionate about providing quality care, who will take care of a patient like he or she would want his or her relative cared for."

With over 130 years of service, Concordia Lutheran Ministries has a long history of helping seniors and their families. And as one of the most comprehensive providers in the country, we're able to find the right fit from a care and cost perspective.

Concordia is one of only a few CARF-CCAC accredited Aging Services Networks in the world and recipient of the inaugural Pennsylvania Department of Aging Excellence in Quality Care Award. Serving over 20,000 people in the western PA region annually, Concordia offers a lifetime continuum of care that includes adult day services, home care, hospice, medical and rehabilitation services, memory support, personal care, respite care, retirement living, skilled nursing, and medical equipment capabilities.

E-mail us here or call us today at 724.352.1571 if you have any questions about our services and whether or not we can assist you and your loved ones.

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