Six Reasons to Come to Concordia’s First-Ever Fishing Derby for Kids

May 27, 2014

If you haven’t heard by now, Concordia is hosting its first-ever stand alone fishing derby for kids 14 and under (not counting the mini fishing derby that is part of our Summer Festival). The event is on Saturday, May 31 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the lake at Saxony Farm, about three minutes from the Concordia at Cabot campus.

All children need to be accompanied by an adult. Make sure you bring a fishing rod and chair (if you like). Concordia will provide bait, a limited number of fishing rods to borrow, hot dogs and refreshments. Prizes will be awarded on the hour.

Maybe you’re unsure about whether you want to check it out, since this is the first time we’ve done an event like this… if so, here are six reasons you should join us on Saturday.

1. It’s free: Seriously parents, is there anything better than an activity the kids can enjoy that doesn’t cost anything more than the gas to get there? Free to get in, free parking, free bait, free refreshments… did we mention free?

2. The lake is fully stocked: Saxony Farm Lake is stocked with blue gill, bass and some catfish; and since it’s a private pond, there aren’t many people fishing it regularly (wink wink, you might have a better chance of catching some fish).

3. You’ve always wondered what’s on Saxony Farm: Unless you’re one of the people who took a bus tour of Saxony Farm during a Concordia Festival or Oktoberfest, you’ve probably never seen what’s back “Addy Boy Lane” in Saxonburg.

4. Your kids are on the fence about fishing: Maybe your kids don’t know if they actually enjoy the sport yet… what a better way to get them to try it out than at a free fishing event with free bait, hot dogs and refreshments? Plus, is there a better way to bond with the kids?

5. You can get some sun: Early weather reports say we're in for a B-E-A-Utiful day for fishing. Mostly sunny and 77 degrees; just don’t forget the sunscreen! We will have a tent nearby to provide some shade as well.

6. Fishing is fun: Duh! Even if you’re not a fisherman/woman, we’ll have volunteers around to lend a hand and teach the basics.

If those aren’t enough reasons for us to see you and the family on Saturday, maybe you can give another reason in the comments section below! For more information on the event, call Concordia Public Relations at 724-352-1571, ext. 8266.

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