Stories of Care: Concordia Adult Day Services Testimonial

December 6, 2011

Below is a testimonial from the daughter of an individual who spends a few days a week at Concordia's Adult Day Services. While this is the standard for those in our care, we still love hearing stories like these! Enjoy --

My mother, Mary H., has been attending Concordia Adult Day Services since July 2009. She is 92 years old and resides with my husband and me in our home in Butler, Penn Township. For 90 years she lived in Michigan, but due to Alzheimer's disease she was no longer able to be alone. She has always been a "city girl" and the move to the more rural setting in the country, although peaceful, has not been easy for her. After doing much research I chose Concordia because I was impressed with the quality and dedication of care shown in our initial interview.

My husband and I work full time and are not near retirement, so it is such a relief to have a place to take Mom, knowing she will be well taken care of. She stays at the Center Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The staff is amazing and the turnover very, very low. That is important to me. My mother does not remember names and daily events. She misses her home and thinks she is just visiting. The ladies at Concordia are very understanding and compassionate and help to reassure her that she will always be safe and never alone.

The daily activities of Christian teachings, current events, games, duties and social interaction are so important and worthwhile. The lunches are excellent and even breakfast is provided if need be. Mom has a good appetite and has gained weight due to the wonderful meals (especially the desserts that she never passes up). She also enjoys eating the cookies that they often make together.

The caregivers are able to bathe Mary in the specially equipped bathtub on location. I have a two-story home with showers upstairs and Mom is not able to climb steps easily as she uses a walker. This has been a tremendous help.

By living with me and going to the Center daily, Mary has been able to spend time with my 24 year-old son when he is home from college. He too has commented on the quality of the staff and facility when he picks up or drops off his grandmother. Other family members who help us have noticed the same. Having her at home has allowed them to continue close relationships.

My family from Michigan is also very impressed with Concordia and tells me they ?actually see physical and mental improvements in Mom whenever they come to visit.

My advice to anyone looking for a provider for Adult Day Care is to check out the options carefully. My priorities were to find a facility that would understand the challenges of Alzheimer's while providing a safe, home-like atmosphere. The peace of mind is more than I can explain. Together with Concordia, my family and I are able to care for Mary with the grace and dignity that she truly deserves. God bless the staff at Concordia for all they have done for my mother and for all they continue to do.

Concordia Adult Day Services hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. For more information, please call the director of adult day services at 724.352.1571 ext. 8271 or e-mail us here.

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