Telehealth Technology Helps Patients Stay Independent

May 30, 2012

We recently posted a video to YouTube about how Concordia Visiting Nurses (CVN) Telehealth technology works... and it's pretty cool. (see video below)

It's hard to argue that there's a more comfortable place to heal than in one's own home, and CVN has a system that enables patients to do just that.

CVN uses telehealth monitors that allow many patients to recover in their home after a hospital stay from such ailments as congestive heart failure, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and open-heart surgery.

The devices are installed in the patient's home upon the start of CVN services. During installation, the monitor is programmed to prompt the patient to regularly check weight, blood pressure, pulse, and oxygenation levels using equipment attached to the monitor.

The Process

  • Information from the monitor is transmitted from the patient's home to a central station at CVN.
  • A specialized nurse evaluates the results.
  • If a problem is detected, the patient is called to check on their health status.
  • A collaborative decision is then made by the care team to determine if further treatment is needed.

CVN believes the telehealth monitors optimize the patient's involvement in their care. By utilizing daily home monitoring we can begin to identify clinical changes in condition early and prevent re-hospitalizations.

Once the patient is discharged from CVN services, the monitor is removed from the home; however, self-pay options are available if the patient/family would like to continue with the monitoring services.

For more information, call CVN at 724.352.6200, visit on the Web or e-mail us here.

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