The Man Behind the Wheel: Concordia Haven Resident Takes Pride in His "Handmade" Cars

July 2, 2013

Cars are big, confusing machines. For some, looking at the inner workings of a motor vehicle is just as intimidating as the inside of a jet or a cruise ship; it is impossible for most to even imagine having to repair something inside one of these. However, that isn't the case for Concordia Haven I resident Maynard Miller, who has actually built many vehicles in his lifetime.

Miller with carMaynard, who is retired from Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation of Apollo, has been a member of the Kiski Valley Region Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) and the Western Pennsylvania Specialty Car Club for 30 years. Members of these organizations are individuals who have a passion for cars. Both groups are dedicated to preserving unique vehicles and showcasing them as part of history. Maynard actually formed the Western Pennsylvania Specialty Car Club with local manufacturers and a group of car enthusiasts.

He has built 16 kit cars, which use parts from a kit as well as gear from non-working cars, over an eight-year timeframe starting in 1986. These models included the first kit car he built, a 1929 Mercedes, an Austin Healy and many others. Each kit he purchased ranged from $7,000-$15,000 and came from either Florida or Fargo, N.D.

One of the kit cars Maynard built was featured at the car cruise Concordia at Cabot held on June 15. His vehicle was among the most popular because it was "handmade."

Over the years, Maynard has been published frequently for his automobile creations and was even featured on KDKA-TV by Dave Crawley in the early 1990s.

Maynard said he has always had a passion for cars. It started when he was only two years old and his father sat him on the hood of the first Pontiac model in 1926. His father had worked on cars and Maynard learned from him.

He and his late wife, Martha, have two children: a daughter, Jocelyn, who lives in Vermont, and a son, John, who resides in Florida. Maynard and Martha traveled to all 50 states, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, the Caribbean, all provinces in Canada and more.

Maynard moved to Concordia when Martha passed away last year. He had looked at four other retirement communities before choosing Concordia. He loved the extensive campus, the space for walking and exercising, the friendly people, the fantastic entertainment and the fact that everyone is so nice and helpful.

"I know that if I ever need more help with my health, the nice people here will be there for me," Maynard said. "The continuing care options make me feel more at ease."

For more information on Concordia's worry-free retirement communities in Cabot, Pittsburgh or Copley, Ohio, visit the Retirement Living section of our website. You can also e-mail us here or call 724.352.1571 for general questions.



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