Tips for Seniors Looking to Stay Active in the Winter Months

October 24, 2014

In the winter, with the cold weather that tends to keep us indoors, it can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, remaining inside with little to no activity is not just unhealthy for the body, but the mind too. This is especially true for seniors. So, what can be done so that seniors stay active as the temperatures drop? There are plenty of activities that will get seniors up and moving inside even when the weather isn't cooperating outside.

Always consult with your doctor or health professional before making any changes to your lifestyle, like starting a new diet or exercise regimen.

Exercise Throughout The House

For starters, seniors can exercise during the winter months by simply moving around the house. Whether you walk up and down staircases or take a walk throughout every room of the house, this can help break up any long periods of sedentary time. Plus, changing positions and getting just a little bit of exercise into your routine is oftentimes enough to make you want to be even more active.

Go to a Gym

Of course there are also local gyms which allow seniors to remain active during the brutally cold months too. Gyms are great for winter workouts because there are a variety of machines offered here that help strengthen and build all areas of the body. At gyms, you will find everything from bicycles to weights, so whatever part of the body you want to target, you can. Besides the physical aspect of visiting the local gym in the winter, another benefit is socializing. It’s always a good idea to meet new people and make new relationships in every stage of life.

Purchase Fitness DVDs

Then, there are also fitness DVDs, which are ideal for those seniors who want an intense workout but don't have the time or money to head out to the local gym. There are countless workout DVDs available for practically every type of exercise. It doesn't matter if you want to participate in yoga or aerobics, there is a DVD on the market that's perfect for what you're looking for.

Sign Up to Become Part of a Group

Another way to stay active, both physically and mentally, during the colder months is by joining some sort of group. This can be anything from a bowling league to a Zumba fitness group. By signing up to be part of a team, you not only get some physical activity into your schedule but you also could form rewarding relationships with people your own age.

Bottom Line

While many people may view the winter months as an excuse to slouch off, that doesn’t need to be the case. There are plenty of activities that seniors can take part in even when the weather outside isn't cooperating. This can not only help your physical health, but your mental health as well.

At Concordia, we provide each of our residents the opportunity to lead active lifestyles, socially and physically, if they so choose. Each one of our senior living communities offers plenty of opportunities for seniors to remain healthy and exercise their minds and bodies. Combined with our clean, comfortable and secure environments, we feel that every Concordia senior care community offers a worry-free solution to senior living. Each Concordia Senior Living Community offers a unique set of services and amenities, ensuring you find the location perfectly tailored to your lifestyle needs. Call us today to arrange a personal tour of any one of our locations and discover the difference that Concordia can make in your life.

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