Concordia at Sumner Premieres Parody Music Video Filmed by Residents

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Concordia at Sumner Premieres Parody Music Video Filmed by Residents

Copley, Ohio – Concordia at Sumner premiered a resident-created music video called “(I’m Feeling) 82,” a parody of the popular Taylor Swift song “22,” on Sunday, Dec. 7 at the Concordia at Sumner Manor House in Copley, Ohio.

To view the video, visit Concordia’s YouTube Channel at and click on the icon for (I'm Feeling) 82 - parody of Taylor Swift's "22"

The project was sparked by Activities Director Emily Dorland, who came up with the idea after seeing videos on Facebook of residents in other retirement communities lip-syncing to popular songs. Wanting to take their video to the next level, Concordia at Sumner residents formed a committee for the project, borrowed the melody of “22” and wrote their own version of the song – one that highlights the “joys” that come with being 82 years old in a lighthearted and humorous way. They also storyboarded, filmed and starred in the video themselves.

Popcorn and refreshments were served at the red carpet event, and tours were given to anyone interested. For more information on how the video came together, along with a preview video, visit:

“(I’m Feeling) 82” Fun Facts

  • The median age of the Independent Living residents at Concordia at Sumner is 82 years old.
  • Although outside help was enlisted for editing, Concordia at Sumner residents composed the lyrics for, storyboarded and filmed the musical parody themselves. None of the residents involved had any experience creating video.
  • Approximately 98 residents helped or appeared in the video throughout the course of the production.
  • The final storyboard has 18 scenes.
  • Filming for the music video lasted from May to July.
  • The only money spent on the music video was for a tube of Bengay and plastic sunglasses for a few scenes of the video.
  • Concordia at Sumner resident Sue Edwards coordinated the video production. Sue was born and raised in Akron, graduating from Norton High School and later from The Ohio State University with a double major in English and Library Science. She and her husband designed and built their home in Circleville before moving to Sumner.
  • The vocals for the video were provided by Concordia at Sumner Activities Director Emily Dorland, who has sung with choirs, theater productions and ensembles in the area over the years.